Horsemanship March 14th 11-12 noon

General Event

The Horsemanship students will be coached how to show horses in a “trail in hand” class in a show setting. We will work on approaching the various obstacles correctly and on the proper body position while leading. Safe rope control will be demonstrated, and the importance explained. There will be time to learn how to adjust to a new pattern. The kids will have the opportunity to groom the ponies and pick their feet while waiting for their turn.
The more advanced students will learn how to cue the horse for advanced obstacles (e.g. backing an “L” or how to pivot inside a box). We will have a more challenging horse available for students to learn how to correct the horse while maneuvering around obstacles. We will work on different patterns and teach about what makes a pattern easy or hard.

**This activity is a part of our Individual Horsemanship Program where participants work toward receiving awards such as certificates, medals, LLEP Decorative Hooks, LLEP logoed jackets…and more!!**