Meet Jonathan and Courtney Mohler

Meet Jonathan and Courtney Mohler — Arena Managers at Leashes & Leads Equine Park

Jonathan trains horses, educates our staff, gives lessons, and facilitates clinics. He began his career training horses and teaching lessons to riders, children, and people with disabilities for a local horse program. As people began observing Jonathan’s success with this program, many sought his help with their personal horses. His popularity grew as he helped many people meet their horsemanship goals. Some have sought out Jonathan because of their desire to feel safe around a horse and to learn more about riding for pleasure. Others wanted Jonathan to assist them in meeting competitive goals. Many of Jonathan’s clients have gone on to compete both locally and nationally with confidence and success. Jonathan has experience training performance horses and with a competitive streak himself, he has seen much success as a competitor both locally and nationally. A few highlights include a MNSCHA Futurity Championship, NMRHA National Championship, USTPA Championship, NCRCHA winnings, NRCHA winnings, AQHA winnings, and many more!

Jonathan’s determination, attention to detail, and strong desire to continually improve his horsemanship skills have attributed to his success in training horses and helping people. He has successfully paired hundreds of people with high quality horses that meet their riding needs and goals. One nationally known trainer said that “Jonathan was the most talented hand he had ever seen in starting and training young horses. He has a very patient, quiet, and determined attitude and takes each and every horse’s training progress very personal.”

“[Jonathan] has a very patient, quiet, and determined attitude and takes each and every horse’s training progress very personal.”

Courtney also has extensive experience in the horse business. She got her start with horses in 2003 when she took a position working at a horse ranch in Colorado. She has been steadily involved in the horse industry ever sense. Courtney’s education and credentials include a BS in Equine Management from the University of Minnesota-Crookston, a BS in Family Social Science from the University of MN-Twin Cities, and is a Registered Riding Instructor through PATH International (a nationally known organization specializing in Therapeutic Horseback Riding). Courtney has developed, managed, and coordinated a number of horse programs. She specializes in teaching riding lessons and managing the various tasks that take place in a busy horse program.



Jonathan and Courtney have spent years coaching individuals and families, educating them how to understand what the horse is communicating and training them how to effectively respond. This process establishes safety and brings profound connectedness between the horse and human. Jonathan and Courtney love horses and they love helping people through the horse. They have experienced the many blessings that come from horses and crave sharing this with others. Their mission is to help improve the relationship between horses and people. They have helped many people improve their horsemanship skills, both on the ground and in the saddle. Whether you are a person seeking confidence in your ability with a horse or a person wanting to ride competitively, these goals are attainable.